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ACBL Convention Card Completion Need help? Detailed information for completing every section of your convention card.

ACBL Unit 549:
BCNC is part of ACBL Unit 549. Get information on Unit games and Sectionals,

ACBL District 22
BCNC and Unit 549 are part of ACBL District 22. Get information on regional tournaments and STaC’s.

The Western Conference
Get information on STaC’s, Regionals, and Sectionals in Districts 17, 21, and 22.
Access the Forum newspaper – current and previous issues

Forty five years of Unit 549 and Escondido Bridge Club History

Bridge Bidding Conventions

Bridge Winners (Articles, Problems, and Lessons

A new bidding column and a new play column every day.
Bridge Clues:

VU-Bridge Hand of the Week:

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